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Transport Management Software(TMS)

Transportation Management Software(TMS) including shipment planning and execution, fleet or carrier dispatch software and some fleet management applications – should help you manage and grow your business by giving you complete visibility to costs and resources, automating routine processes and alerting you to exceptions before they turn into bigger problems. When you know your numbers, you can help your people manage to the right goals and help your customers understand the real value of the services you deliver. That’s how we see strength in numbers. Our TMS solutions and dispatch software help you make better business decisions, both today and over the long-run. TMS transportation management systems drive increased productivity and efficiency for all these business types and for businesses that span multiple categories. Your business is unique, but you are part of a transportation industry that TMS understands well.

Product Modules :

  • Vehicle /Machinery/ Maintenance Module : Vehicle Log book, Daily Progress Entry, Driver Personal details, Daily Position Report, Excess Diesel Monthly Report, Fuel consumption monitoring Report, Vehicle-Maintenance Report (Buses & Lorries), Expenses Report, Annual Expenses [Ex: FC,IC,RC], Spares Expenses, Electrical parts, Body job

  • Maintenance Expenses: Renewal Report, Renewal Cost Report, Vehicle Permit Report, Vehicle Transfer

  • Traffic system controlling: Driver schedule, Driver performance monitoring, Driver status on Route, Route details

  • Tyre Maintenance: Wheel servicing, Re-treading, Monthly Expenses statement, Tyre History card

  • Hired Vehicle Details: Hire Vehicle Bill Generation (With Approvals), Hire vehicle Position Entry (Daily Running Km Monitoring), Maintaining/Closing Hire vehicles, Close Hire Vehicle after Agreement Period Over

  • More Facilities: Branch wise the vehicles can be tracked and managed, Third party vehicles can be managed, any number of branches can be added