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Point Of Sale (POS) Software

  • ExtroMind Technologies Billing System is a simple and easy to use suitable for all types of businesses. The Bill Printing Software allows you to create all types of invoices as according to your requirements.
  • Simply enter customer details, product details, pricing, taxes, discounts etc. and your invoice will be automatically generated. The Billing Software is so easy to use that even a layman can use it to Print Invoices without any problem

  • It can be used in businesses like shops, stores, malls, service providers, traders, manufacturers, factories and more...

  • It is available for one computer and multiple computers in an office. In Multiple Computers mode, multiple users/operators in single office can use it simultaneously from their computers.

  • ExtroMind Technologies is a solution provider in the field of Retail Software Development, Barcode Technology and POS Solution. Software Development in Retail Segment All type Billing, Barcode with Inventory we provides. It’s a complete and reliable solution provider & system integrator for bar-code based data collection, Barcode printing systems and divers label printing systems.

  • Our POS Supported places,

    • Departmental stores
    • Grocery Shops,
    • Supermarkets,
    • Textile,
    • Readymade Garments,
    • Footwear's,
    • Household appliances and consumer electronics,
    • Gift shop,
    • Glass and crockery,
    • Hardware- Electrical / Electronics / Auto parts / Building materials,
    • Stationary,
    • Music Shops,
    • Fine Dining Restaurant & Hotels,
    • Fast Food,
    • Auto Spare Parts,
    • Luggage and bags,
    • Mobile Showrooms,
    • Optical Showrooms, etc.