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Garment management software (GMS)

Garment management software (GMS) is simpler, Faster an affordable software for traders/Manufactures. Our Garment management software has provided maintain an correct and error free. This Software provides an integrated real-time view of core business processes, using common databases maintained by a database management system. Garment management software track business resources—cash, raw materials, Inventory capacity—and the status of business commitments: orders, purchase orders, and payroll. The applications that make up the system share data across the various departments (Store, purchasing, sales, accounting, etc.) that entered the data. Garment Inventory management software facilitates information flow between all business functions, and manages connections to outside business.

Product Modules :

  • Counter Sales : Multi customer handling provision, Direct interaction with database no need to save, Customer merge provision, Purchase bill feeding on counter entry, Operator wise counter sales, Supervisor can see all counter sales, Counter sale to Bill conversion.

  • Point of Sales provision: Pos software, Barcode Scanning, Item Searching provision for Barcode, Item wise default sales quantity, Cash/Card/Both acceptance, Get ready for next bill after bill saving (No party selection every time), Efficient Return Management on same bill, Provision for separate cashier system for cash collection, Multi customer handling on single computer, Auto pickup of Rates, Discounts & Schemes, Bill value bases discount system, New scheme, products, etc sms & email system

  • Discount system: Bill wise 4 Discounts in percentage, Item wise 2 Discount in percentage, 2 Volume Discounts on Per Unit/Lumsum bases, Company/Item/Party-Company/Party-Item Discount, Company wise separate discount % for Cash/Credit parties, Maximum discount limits Company/Item wise, Date wise Rates, Schemes & Discount provision, Quantity wise Discounts, Provision for 1st & 2nd Discount only for reporting/commission (Not less in Bill), Ask for Discount change save in Party Special dealings, Provision to Post discount amount in memorandum ledger, Various provisions for Discount Calculation, Provision for Bills discount on the bases of Bill Value, Operator wise discount ban in issue/receipt, Operator wise maximum discount.

  • Accounting: All Book of Accounts & Final Results, Balance Sheet with Various Schedules, Configurable Sales & Purchase, Registers, Outstanding Reports and Analysis, Configurable Payment Reminder Letters, Configurable Statement of A/c, Interest Calculation & Bank Re-conciliation, Depreciation Chart (as per Co. Act / it Act), Cost Centers with Grouping, Funds Planning / Bank Planning, Post Dated Cheques Facility, Voucher Approval System.

  • Taxation: Sales Tax / Purchase Tax Summary, Sales Tax Account Registers & Vat Returns, Sales Tax Forms Receivable / Issuable & Reminders, Service Tax, F.B.T., T.D.S, T.C.S Excise, Cess & H.E. Cess, Party Wise Vat Summaries Check List.

  • Inventory : All Books of Inventory, Brand, Group & Category Wise Inventory, Stock Valuation on Multiple Methods, Item Wise Gross Profit, Primary and Alternative Unit for Each Item, Party-wise Price Structure for Items / Groups, Multiple Prices Lists of Items, Sales & Purchase Order Processing, Batch / MRP / Size / Shade / Reference / Serial No. Wise Inventory

  • General Features: Item/Batch List with Current Stock, Rate, Cost, Margins, Deals, Supplier Detail, Show/Disable margin, cost, purchase rate, purchase deal on Tab Key, Provision to show only supplied items with star marked on billed items so that we can ask customer for unbilled items. Provision to show only supplied company items with star marked on billed items. Rate advisor before billed (Cost to Customer Show only selected company/salt/group items). Online register of selected item, Provision to show available stock / all item Online purchase rate change history, Show Rates in item list after Lessing given discount, Provision to show stock of billed dated (for back dated bills), Online feeding of Shortage/Party Sales Order/Purchase Order to Supplier, Online view of item pending purchase order.